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Start efficiently tracking your work, building your client relationships, and highlighting your contributions to close contracts in one application.

What We Do

Salesdocs is a one-stop productivity tool created by Sales Engineers for Sales Engineers. We know that you juggle multiple apps throughout the workday, which only makes your job harder. That’s why we created a centralized web and mobile app that brings all your tools together in one place. Now you can efficiently track your work, build your client relationships, and highlight your contributions to close contracts.
With Salesdocs you have all the information you need for planning and problem solving right at your fingertips. Access information anywhere, in the field or at the office. Now you can simply open your phone after chat and update Salesdocs with new data. Make requests for Sales Engineers with special expertise, or prepare to move on to the negotiation stage of the deal. Our unique timeline structure saves all updates chronologically, which not only assists with follow up but also builds the story of your relationships with clients.

Increase Your Productivity

Effective planning and execution are the biggest part of a Sales Engineer’s job. We created Salesdocs to help you strategize efficiently by bridging all your tools together in one application. Salesdocs simplifies your workday by keeping all of your account information organized in one place. Salesdocs not only makes planning easier, it keeps your act together so you can influence purchasers and turn customers into your advocates.
Get an update at a glance with Salesdocs. All your relevant updates are consolidated in one dashboard, where you can check the status of your engagement and their stage in the sales cycle. With organized, up-to-date account information, it’s easy to recognize potential opportunities and plan out the next sale. After the deals close, you’ll be able to track your top performers and most effective tactics.

Improve Your Client Relationships

Our goal is to help Sales Engineers handle client engagement. We want to eliminate the notion that a Sales Engineer operates solely as a technical consultant. Sales Engineers play a crucial role in exposing the value of their products to clients. When you tell a story that demonstrates how a product will solve a client’s problems, you have the opportunity to open a dialogue and start a relationship built on trust.
With Salesdocs you can create influence maps to change opinions, answer questions, and allay objections. Our timeline structure assists with follow up and builds the story of your relationship with each customer. Salesdocs makes it easier for you to access client-specific data, including the time and date of your last meeting, your meeting notes, who you spoke with, and any questions or concerns that require follow up. Securely share files with your clients while keeping the information you’ve gathered about the client private. Tracking details in Salesdocs will improve your communications, let your clients know you’ve been listening, and show them that you care about meeting their needs.

Spotlight your Performance

Salesdocs not only helps you keep track of clients and increase your productivity, it also assists in reporting. Most CRM software caters specifically to sales representatives and completely excludes the input of Sales Engineers in its reporting. Measuring your contributions is critical in helping managers and sales reps understand your role in driving a deal to a close.
Salesdocs offers built-in reporting features that showcase your contribution to revenue as a Sales Engineer. With Salesdocs you can track your productivity and demonstrate the efficacy of your work to sales managers. Accurate reporting demonstrates the value of the Sales Engineer’s role and influences the decision making process at the management level. Salesdocs provides accountability and documentation throughout the entire sales process, to ensure that you receive credit for your share of the sales team’s success.

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