Whether you’re a small startup or an established firm, teamwork can make or break a sale. Clients who observe your team working efficiently together will recognize that they could have a similarly productive working relationship with your company. How do you improve your team’s performance and ensure that everyone works toward a common goal? The best way is to improve communications.

Have you ever noticed that clients are only interested in a small potion of your sales team’s presentation? Vilfredo Pareto, the19th century economist and sociologist, also recognized the unequal relationship between input and output. The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the consequences result from 20% of the causes. By applying the Pareto Principle to Sales Engineering, you can leap ahead of your competitors.

Today’s businesses have high expectations for their SaaS providers, which puts more pressure on your sales team. Because the client has already researched potential providers, there’s a greater urgency to make a good first impression. There’s also a greater demand for technical expertise when a client has a specific need. They’ve prepared some highly specific questions addressing this need, and their decision might rest on whether your team can give an immediate answer.