Today’s businesses have high expectations for their SaaS providers, which puts more pressure on your sales team. Because the client has already researched potential providers, there’s a greater urgency to make a good first impression. There’s also a greater demand for technical expertise when a client has a specific need. They’ve prepared some highly specific questions addressing this need, and their decision might rest on whether your team can give an immediate answer.

That’s why the role of the Sales Engineer is more vital now than ever before – sales managers need an expert on the team who can answer technical questions without hesitation. You know your product inside and out, but how do you determine which aspect of the technology a client needs most? We know that preparation is the most important part of a Sales Engineer’s job, so we created Salesdocs to assist you through the discovery process. When you have a clear picture of your client’s interests, you’ll be able to exceed expectations and close more sales.