Salesdocs | Changing the Way Sales Engineers Work

Our Mission

We created Salesdocs to change the way that Sales Engineers work! As Sales Engineers ourselves, we know that most of your day revolves around planning. Salesdocs consolidates all of your data and communications in one location so you can plan effectively, work efficiently, and do your job better. Salesdocs brings all of your tools together in one convenient application to increase your productivity and improve your client relationships.

Our Vision

We will teach you how to use Salesdocs to improve internal communications and organize your life as a Sales Engineer. Clients need someone who listens to their questions and can explain how the technology will work to solve their problems. Storytelling is a learned skill that can help engineers boost their communication skills and start more conversations. Telling a story makes clients more comfortable with asking questions and opens the floor for discussions that lead to sales. Salesdocs is your one stop shop for managing client relationships while keeping the ultimate goal of closing sales in mind.

The Importance of the Sales Engineer

Sales Engineers sell complex technology and scientific products that most customers don’t understand. With their industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of the product, Sales Engineers present highly technical information in an approachable style. A Sales Engineer will assess a client’s needs, determine their system specifications, and help them solve existing problems. If a client has unique requirements, Sales Engineers can recommend modifications or adapt products for specific situations. By helping a customer understand how a product works and how it will meet their needs, the Sales Engineer’s role is crucial in driving sales to a close.

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